Ask HN: Viability of an anti-AI social movement

Ask HN: Viability of an anti-AI social movement
by NO-AI on Hacker News.
Andrej Karpathy (director of artificial intelligence and Autopilot Vision at Tesla) on Twitter today: I am cautiously and slightly unnervingly looking forward to the gradual and inevitable unification of language, images/video and audio in foundation models… They will be endowed with agency over originally human APIs: screen+keyboard/mouse in the digital realm and humanoid bodies in the physical realm. And gradually they will swap us out.

I work professionally in the machine learning field. Some of my colleagues and myself are realizing that we’re pursuing goals that will reduce the value of human intelligence and creativity, commoditizing them. Pandora’s Box has been opened. As a society we can reject this technology. Reject automated artwork like Dall-E 2, reject automated literature, and so on. Reject technologies that replace the human mind instead of assisting it. In your opinion, would a social movement organized around this idea find traction?



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